Simplifying Your Payment Stack

August 12, 2020
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We all know the lesson of the tortoise and the hare, that moving slowly but methodically will get you to your goals faster than dashing around, wasting energy, and then ultimately failing to complete your race. But sometimes, slow and steady isn’t the right solution. For example, in a world where just about everything is available with the click of a button, customers want a fast payment experience. They want to swiftly find and buy what they want or need, secure in the knowledge that their sensitive data is safe and that the entire process will be quick and easy.

Can your payment stack meet the challenge of the new consumer landscape? Are you struggling to manage accounts, integrations, payment data, and payouts? Are you outgrowing the solutions you’ve relied upon to help you provide a streamlined purchasing experience for your customer?

The truth is, having multiple payment solutions may have started as an effort to improve the payment process. But for many merchants, these solutions no longer make sense. In fact, instead of improving a payment stack, relying on multiple payment solutions condemns businesses to the whack-the-mole chaos of archaic and fragmented payment infrastructure consisting of stitched-together systems and legacy frameworks. Real-time demand means these ad-hoc systems no longer work, and the merchants who rely on those systems can no longer literally or figuratively afford to continue to operate in this manner. Faced with a need for streamlined payment processes and a demand for speed and efficiency, eCommerce merchants should ask themselves whether they’re adapting fast enough to meet their customers’ needs, or if their payment stack is hindering their growth.

Enter the all-in-one payment solution. Instead of multiple gateway processors and acquiring banks, merchants are now consolidating their processing via all-in-payment. Utilizing an all-in-one payment solution allows merchants to remain flexible while also simplifying the purchasing process. With an All-in-One Payment platform, merchants can activate or deactivate functionality while still using one payment gateway. In addition, using a more focused payment stack leads to an increase in basket size and adds to a customer’s lifetime value by expanding the number and type of payment options available. Finally, all-in-one payment enables merchants to see the total cost of payments on a transaction-by-transaction basis which reduces overhead operational costs.
The goal of any merchant should bea true simplification in purchasing. According to a 2018 survey by, “38% percent of shoppers blame the brand for slow payment processing.” In addition, almost half said they wouldn’t return to a merchant whose processing was too slow. These types of negative customer experiences are the reason so many merchants are switching to all-in-one payment solutions.

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